Sectional Title

We are fully licensed with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and the Debt Collecting Council of South Africa. This means you are covered for, in the event of any fraudulent activity perpetuated by your Managing Agent or by any of the Managing Agent’s staff.

Three separate audits are performed every year in compliance with Estate Agency Affairs Board and Debt Collecting Council. Trust funds are kept in segregated bank accounts and are audited separately each year.

Administrative duties and sectional title requirements:
  • Organization of meetings with trustees and between trustees & owners
  • Providing the necessary documentation prior to any meetings
  • Enforce the conduct rules on the instructions of the trustees
  • Finding the better insurance in compliance with your expectations
Accounting and financial management:
  • Monthly production of financial statements
  • Transfer of surplus amount from the trust account to an investment account where possible
  • Provision of completed and up to date books of account for annual audit
  • Preparation of annual budget and monitoring compliance therewith
  • Reconciling accounts rendered by creditors and effecting settlement thereof
Levy collection and billing
  • Invoicing owners for levies
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Enforce legal rights to collect levies and carry out any procedure, to assume function of managing levies remissions
Facility management of the common property
  • Regular submission of properties inspections’ and repairs
  • Employment of qualified tradesmen for normal repairs and maintenance
  • Attending by e-mail and phone to owner’s correspondence
Human resource management
  • In charge of all points linked to the payment of the employee maintenance
  • Drafting of employment contracts and all others documents relating to them
Trustees sectional title training
  • Training sessions on the sectional title act
  • Explanation of the responsibilities and duties of trustees

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